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Backing up New Machines
Requesting additional backups on a machine
Last Modified: Dec 9, 2010 Viewed 2 times Restricted to ECN
Backup Information for ECN Staff
Backup Details for ECN Staff
Last Modified: Apr 26, 2012 Viewed 8 times Restricted to ECN
List of machines on Backup
Machines on Backup as of May 2000 Analysis runs of the FULL backups (done May 2000) report ...
Last Modified: May 13, 2008 Viewed 13 times Restricted to ECN
NBU example restore
Example showing Backup Staff restore procedure
Last Modified: Dec 6, 2010 Viewed 3 times Restricted to ECN
Things to Check First
Last Modified: Apr 16, 2009 Viewed 5 times Restricted to ECN

Documents 1 - 5 of 5


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