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ACmaint: Creating Special Accounts
How to handle special accounts on special purpose hosts like charlotte.
Last Modified: Aug 19, 2013 Viewed 72 times Restricted to ECN
Accounts for MDW hosts
How to add, change or remove an account for the ECN supported Linux hosts for RCAC/ITaP.
Last Modified: Jul 2, 2013 Viewed 23 times Restricted to ECN
Adding or Removing ECN Staff Accounts
How to add (create) or remove (delete) an ECN staff member account adding removing creating deleting new ecn account
Last Modified: Mar 12, 2014 Viewed 69 times Restricted to ECN
Mailman: Info for Staff
mailman support notes
Last Modified: Jul 7, 2009 Viewed 15 times Restricted to ECN
Solaris: How to update quotas
How to update Sun Quotas If you find an account without a quota set, you can issue the following...
Last Modified: Feb 22, 2010 Viewed 11 times Restricted to ECN
Space:Checking for No quota set
space.c program reports quota allocations
Last Modified: Apr 22, 2009 Viewed 12 times Restricted to ECN
Technology Guest Accounts
How to provide guest accounts to Technology faculty or staff hosting workshops in ECN-based labs.
Last Modified: Feb 13, 2014 Viewed 36 times Restricted to ECN

Documents 1 - 7 of 7


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