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Adding o365 shared mailbox to non-Outlook clients
Steps to add a shared mailbox to non-Outlook clients
Last Modified: Apr 17, 2019 Viewed 281 times
Changing Display Name in Office365
Process for Changing Display Name in Office365 email
Last Modified: Jun 24, 2020 Viewed 2 times Restricted to ECN
Dealing with Winmail.dat attachments
Senders using Microsoft products (Office365 or Outlook) often send attachments in the unreadable Windmail.dat format. This article describes a plugin to help.
Last Modified: Sep 13, 2016 Viewed 204 times
E-Mail: Forwarding or Redirecting Mail
Redirecting or forwarding your mail elsewhere (Gmail/Yahoo/etc) using Office 365 (O365)
Last Modified: Feb 4, 2022 Viewed 1475 times
E-Mail: General Settings for All E-Mail Clients
General settings for all e-mail clients connecting to ECN servers, plus notes about e-mail attachment size limitations E-mail email mail ecn thunderbird
Last Modified: Feb 17, 2022 Viewed 1002 times
ECN Support: Blocked E-Mail
Information about e-mail blocking messages
Last Modified: Jul 21, 2015 Viewed 241 times
Exchange access and Distribution list add
Message to ITap for student distribution list creation, access to a secondary email inbox via OWA,
Last Modified: Dec 22, 2015 Viewed 3 times Restricted to ECN
Fix Rewritten E-Mail Links (Cisco IronPort)
sed script and .procmailrc configuration for fixing rewritten e-mail links
Last Modified: Aug 7, 2017 Viewed 0 times Restricted to ECN
Graduating from Purdue?
Summary of what happens after graduatation leaving email graduate
Last Modified: Dec 29, 2021 Viewed 5752 times
How To Use ECN's Mailman Lists
What is Mailman? Mailman is free software for managing electronic mail discussion and e-newsletter l...
Last Modified: Jan 23, 2014 Viewed 668 times
Mac Outlook 2016 Setup for Purdue Exchange email
Setup instructions for Purdue Exchange email on a Mac using Outlook 2016.
Last Modified: Jul 6, 2018 Viewed 1025 times
Mailman Rosters
How to list the roster members of a mailman list
Last Modified: Apr 21, 2021 Viewed 4 times Restricted to ECN
Mobile device setup for Office365
Last Modified: Dec 31, 2015 Viewed 445 times
Move From ECN Email to Office 365 with Outlook
Last Modified: Jun 28, 2022 Viewed 551 times
Move to ECN Email
Example process for moving someone to use ECN email
Last Modified: Aug 28, 2020 Viewed 13 times Restricted to ECN

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