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Apple Mail IMAP Client Setup
Setting up ECN e-mail on IMAP clients included on iPhones or in Mac OS X
Last Modified: Aug 3, 2010 Viewed 5445 times
E-Mail: General Settings for All E-Mail Clients
General settings for all e-mail clients connecting to ECN servers, plus notes about e-mail attachment size limitations
Last Modified: Mar 29, 2012 Viewed 1566 times
E-Mail: Redirecting ECN Mail to a Non-ECN Address
Redirecting to Your Address If you want to receive your ECN Mail at your add...
Last Modified: Apr 27, 2015 Viewed 437 times
E-mail: Setting Up Your E-Mail Program
This document helps you determine which instructions to use based on your choice of e-mail server, program, operating system, and location. Generic instructions are included
Last Modified: Oct 21, 2014 Viewed 4040 times
ECN Support: Blocked E-Mail
Information about e-mail blocking messages
Last Modified: Jul 21, 2015 Viewed 306 times
ECN: Secure SMTP E-Mail Services
Using secure e-mail services at ECN
Last Modified: Dec 15, 2008 Viewed 556 times
ECN: Software Mailing Lists
The Engineering Computer Network has established several MAILMAN mailing lists for the dissemination...
Last Modified: Oct 24, 2007 Viewed 398 times
Email Spam Filtering
Last Modified: Dec 5, 2014 Viewed 7 times Restricted to ECN
How To Use ECN's Mailman Lists
What is Mailman? Mailman is free software for managing electronic mail discussion and e-newsletter l...
Last Modified: Jan 23, 2014 Viewed 631 times
How to request increases to your Exchange quota
How to request increase in ITaP exchange server quota
Last Modified: Sep 3, 2015 Viewed 916 times
Moving from MyMail to Exchange
Document lists the steps to be followed when moving students from MyMail (Purdue's Zimbra instance) to Purdue's Exchange server
Last Modified: Oct 28, 2014 Viewed 16 times Restricted to ECN
Quarantining Mail
How to use mail quarantining.
Last Modified: Feb 14, 2008 Viewed 301 times
Questions before going to Outlook/Exchange
Users often do not understand the ramifications of migrating to an Outlook/Exchange solution. This KB attempts to collect the questions that need to be answered before any such migration is planned.
Last Modified: Mar 26, 2008 Viewed 4 times Restricted to ECN
Setting an Exchange Auto-Reply Message for Entourage Users
Microsoft Entourage (including versions v.X, 2001 and 2004) does not offer the ability to set an aut...
Last Modified: Jan 30, 2014 Viewed 727 times
Setting up devices to send e-mail
How to set up a printer/scanner device to send e-mail automatically.
Last Modified: Apr 27, 2015 Viewed 382 times

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