VirusScan for Mac OS X Leopard

Virus Scan for Mac OS X Leopard (10.5)

For users with OS X Leopard, VirusScan 8.6.x is required.  This is due to incompatibilities with VirusScan 8.5 and OS X Leopard.

1    Navigate to and select the “Downloads” tab.

2    Enter your Career Account Credentials.

3    Select “Mac OS X Leopard” for the Operating System.

 Screenshot of License Agreement page at Secure Purdue.
Figure 3:  License Agreement page

4    Enter the number of machines that VirusScan will be installed on.

5    Select “I agree to the above terms” for the software license.

6    Select “Download product".

7    Select “VirusScan for Mactel v8.6.x” and click “Download”.

 Screenshot of VirusScan download page at Secure Purdue.
Figure 4:  VirusScan Download page

8    Once the download completes, follow the installation instructions for VirusScan 8.6.


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