TCP/IP Printing in Windows

TCP/IP Printing in Windows

In order to install the printer on your PC, please follow these instructions.
Most standard printer drivers are included as part of the Windows OS.

1. Go to Start > Settings > Printers and Faxes

Load Printer & Fax from Start menu

2. Click on "Add a printer" located in the left column of the window that opens. 

3. Click "next" in the window that pops up

Add Printer Wizard


4. Choose the radio button that says "Local printer attached..." 
5. Uncheck the "Automatically detect..." box ; click Next

Add a local printer


6. Choose the radio button "Create a new port"
7. Then choose "Standard TCP/IP Port" from the drop down menu  Click "next"

Create a new printer port


8. Under printer name or IP address, type in the printer's IP number. 
9. This auto-completes the "Port name" field as well ; Click "next" and then "finish"

Enter printer IP address


10. Choose the Manufacturer list (left pane) and then printer model in the right pane
11. Click "next", then "next" again

Install printer software


12. Call the printer by some indentifiable name and choose whether you
       want it to be the default printer

Name the added printer


13. Click "next" in the printer sharing page (you should leave "Do not share..." option)

Do not share this printer

14. Then "finish"

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