Birck Network Printers (Macintosh)

Three multifunction network printers are available in Birck Nanotechnology Center (BRK) for use by building occupants. On the first floor, a color printer and a monochrome printer are available; on the second floor, a color printer is available.

Windows users, please see the other BRK network printers page.


First, get the underlying software required and basic set up information for printing to the network printers.

The basic information for each of the printers needed to complete the setup once the previous steps have been fulfilled, is as follows:

Printer: Location Spool Name: Model: Print Server IP
BRK 1st floor monochrome 1222 brk1stmono-ps Aficio MP 6002

Features known:

MP 6002

Finisher SR4060

Tray 1 Letter

Tray 2 Legal

Tray 3 11"x17"

Bypass Tray 11"x17"




Printer: Location Spool Name: Model: Print Server IP
BRK 1st floor color 1022 brk1stcolor-ps Ricoh MP C5503
BRK 2nd floor color Atrium brk2ndcolor-ps Ricoh MP C5503

Features known:

MP C5503
    Paper Tray 1
        Status OK8 1/2 x 11Long Edge Feed

    Paper Tray 2
        Status OK8 1/2 x 11Short Edge Feed

    Paper Tray 3
        Status OK8 1/2 x 14Short Edge Feed

    Paper Tray 4
        Status OK11 x 17Short Edge Feed

    Large Capacity Tray
        Status OK8 1/2 x 11Long Edge Feed

    Bypass Tray
        8 1/2 x 11Long Edge Feed


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