ECN Merlin to BoilerAD Merlin for Macs

To remove the old Merlin mapping and then create the new mapping, follow these instructions:


1.) Check to see if you have any drive mappings to either on your desktop or in Finder





2.) Eject the old mappings

  • right click the desktop icon and select "Eject".



  • Or by clicking the eject button next to the drive listing in Finder  


3.) Create new drive mappings

  • On the desktop click "Go" in the menu bar then "Connect to Server"


  • Type exactly smb:// for the server then click connect


  • When logging in as a registered user, be sure to enter boilerad\ before your username and then enter your career account password (not boilerkey).


That should be it. You should now see the mapped drive on your desktop and in Finder.


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