Mac Printing: Adding a Toshiba printer to OS X

For Birck Toshiba Printers, you'll need the following drivers. Be sure to install the correct driver version for the OS X that is installed on your Mac.

1.  Open "System Preferences"

2.  Select "Print & Fax" under the "Hardware" section.

Printer and Fax

3.  Select "+" to Add a printer.

Add a printer

4.  Enter the IP Address information of the Printer you want to install

Leave "Queue:" blank


Type a descriptive name, such as

  • BRK 1st floor color
  • BRK 1st floor monochrome
  • BRK 2nd floor color


The Correct driver should automatically be selected (if the Toshiba Drivers have been installed, if not please see beginning of the article). See below for important Snow Leopard note:



Important Information for Snow Leopard:

Print Using: Select "TOSHIBA eS4520CSeries USA" from the dropdown (The default is TOSHIBA e-ST4520CSeries)

Default printer


5.  Select the features installed on the Toshiba Printer

Printer features

6. The Toshiba Printer is now installed on your system. If this is a restricted printer, particularly in BRK, you may need to set up Job Accounting (also known as print codes or department code) or your jobs will not come out of the printer and will not report an error. If this is the case, please follow these instructions:

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