Mac Printing through SOT print servers


Go to the Apple drop down menu and choose System Preferences and then click on “Print & Fax”
Screenshot of Apple System Preferences menu.
Click the “+” sign to add a printer.
Screenshot of Print & Fax menu.
Click on the “Advanced” button on the toolbar. If you do not see the “Advanced” button then Right-Click or Control-Click on the toolbar and choose “Customize Toolbar” from the pop up menu. Then drag and drop the “Advanced button to the toolbar and click “Done”
Screenshot of Add Printer menu.
For “Type” choose “Windows” and for the “URL” type “smb://printservername/printername”. See the screen capture above. Name the printer a name that makes sense.  You can leave the location blank or fill it in. For “Print Using:” choose “Select Printer Software…”
Screenshot of Select Printer Software dropdown.
Select the print driver you need and click “OK”.  If you type the printer model in the search box it will be easier to find the driver you need.
Screenshot of Printer Software list.


Next click “Add” to add the printer.
Screenshot of Add Printer menu with a printer selected.
On the Next screen, check “Duplex Unit” if the printer has a duplexing unit. If you don’t know whether it has a duplexing unit or not you can always change that setting and all of the other settings on this screen after the printer has been added.  When you are finished with your selections click “Continue”.
Screenshot of Printer Installable Options window.
The first time you try to print it may ask you for your username and password. If you are not asked for your username and password the document will show up as being “On Hold(Authorization required)” in the print queue on your Mac.
Screenshot of Printer Queue window.
Select the document in the print queue and press the “Resume” button. A pop up will appear asking for your username and password.   For “Name:” enter “sot\username”. Be sure to include “sot\” in front of your username. After you enter your password be sure to check “Remember this password in my keychain” and then click “OK”
Screenshot of Username and Password box for printer access.
Whenever you change your network password you will also have to change the password for the printer. If you print a document it will be on hold in the printer queue and you can change the password by clicking resume just like you did above. Another alternative for changing the password for the printer would be to go to Applications – Utilities – Keychain Access. Simply click on “Passwords” under “Category” on the left and then double click on the printer on the right or select the printer and click “i”.
Screenshot of Apple Keychain Access.
Click the “Show password:” box and then enter your mac login password on the popup and click “Allow”. Next enter your new password and click “Save Changes” to save your new password.
Screenshot of new entry in Keychain Access.


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