Knoy 202: Videoconference

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To use any audiovisual or computer gear in the Knoy 202 Dean's Conference Room (including the videoconference cameras, desktop computer, two laptop connections, DVD player, and two large video displays), please begin with the procedures shown here:

Then proceed with the instructions on this page to host a videoconference.


Hosting a Videoconference 

1. Before the meeting takes place, you must schedule the meeting in the smart scheduler site:



2. Click on Smart Scheduler or Open Smart scheduler.





3. Click on New Meeting



4. Add meeting info





5. Add Participants and rooms – Add Video call

    Here you can add Knoy 202 and the system will call it.

    Nothing will need to be done in the room to make the connection.




6. Add how many video and audio only calls you will have in the conference.

    Note that whatever numbers you choose are how many people can access the meeting.

    It is a good idea to increase the number of how many you think will be joining by 2 or 3 for flexibility.





7. Enable WebEx. Click it and down lower you’ll see “Include WebEx” check the box.

    You can add a password or leave it blank.




8. Hit Save and the meeting is scheduled.




*Once your meeting is scheduled, you will receive an email from

  that has information on how to join the Webex meeting*





Connecting to the Webex Meeting

with the Conference Room Equipment


See  the Knoy 202: Getting Started page on how to display the "cysco" videoconference system on the TV.


After scheduling your meeting, the "Cysco" display should look something like this with your meeting displayed




Once it is time for your meeting, the videoconference system will automatically join your meeting.

When the meeting is connected, the TV should look like this



Once you are finished, use the Cisco remote to end the meeting





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