ITaP VPN - Manual Setup via L2TP

To manually install the Purdue VPN Connection for PCs running Windows 8
(For instructions on iOS or Android, see this page instead: )

1. Open Control Panel, Click on Network & File sharing, Find  "Set up a new connection or network" & click to open.

2. Find "Connect to a workplace" Hi-Lite & click next, select the bullet - No, create a new connection, click next

3. Choose - "Use my Internet connection (VPN)"

4. Under - "Type the Internet address to connect to", Locate the "Internet Address Box" & "Destination name".  Populate these fields as follows:

Internet Address:
Destination Name:  Purdue VPN

Uncheck the box - "Remember my Credentials" (if the option is offered)

Click create

5. Under Network & Sharing Center, find & click on "Change adapter settings"

6. Right click your newly created Purdue VPN & click on Properties

7. Click the Security Tab, change type of VPN to: Layer 2 tunneling Protocol with IPsec

Click on Advanced Settings, select the bullet - Use preshared key for authentication
Key = PurdueVPN

Click OK

Select the bullet - Allow these protocols

check the box - Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (Chap)

check the box - Microsoft CHAP Version 2 (MS-CHAP v2)

8. Click ok

Your VPN connection should be complete

To Launch your connection, click on your normal wireless signal strength icon & find your Purdue VPN connection and click, you will be prompted to connect & enter your credentials.
If you're still having troubles with setting up VPN, you might want to check out this Microsoft article:

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