How to Unlock an iPad for Re-Use

Many times, iPads are passed down from person to person as employees move between departments, retire, etc. If you ever encounter an iPad that was left behind without being fully unlocked for the next person, the following processes will help us unlock the iPad for others to use. Please note that this is also possible for iPod Touch devices.

Passcode Lock

This is the easier of the two locks to bypass. Of course, you may have to wipe the iPad in order to work your way around the passcode, but when a device is passed on to another user, it's safe to assume a full wipe is needed anyway. As with all full wipes, inform the user that the data presently on the device will be erased.

For details on the above method and others, check out the following link:

Apple ID and "Find My Mac"

In other cases, you may find that the device's previous user has registered the device under "Find My iPad" with their Apple ID. Before passing the iPad down, this tie will need to be severed and will require a bit more work than the link above allows. 

First, the simplest route is to contact the previous user and ask them to detach the iPad from their Apple ID via the iCloud site: Then, you are free to wipe the iPad using the steps above and pass it on to the next person to use.

However, this tactic relies on the presumption that the previous user left the university on good terms, doesn't mind being contacted, or simply moved departments. If you aren't able to contact them, you will have to go through Apple to break that Apple ID tie.

To do so, you should first call Apple at (800) 800-2775 to start a case with them. Before calling Apple, make sure you have ECN's LTSA number on hand-- 694189-- as this will expedite the process of requesting your information significantly. Once you are connected with someone from Apple, briefly explain the situation. They will then send you, in return, an email which you will need to fill out and return. An example email, and the information that will be requested of you, can be found below:


Please review the Form below and complete or correct any needed information. Afterwards 
please copy and send to using "855667088 - PURDUE UNIVERSITY" 
as the subject, and attach any and all Proof of Purchase documents, unless confirmed by 
advisor. A reply will be sent within 2 to 10 business days.

To be considered valid, the receipt must include the following information:

1. Reseller’s name 
2. Reseller’s address, phone number or website URL
3. Date of purchase when the product was originally sold
4. Product serial number, IMEI number or MEID number

The serial number can be typed or handwritten. If the reseller didn’t provide the serial 
number on the receipt, you can write the number on the receipt before you send it. For help 
finding your product’s serial number, see this article:

How to find the serial number of your Apple hardware product

To better assist you press this mail to link that will create a new email with body, subject, and 
mail address 
Click Mailto Link 

=========== Copy the Form Between the Dotted Lines as the Body ===========

CASE NUMBER:xxxxxxxxx (Will be created for you)

ORIGINAL SALES INFORMATION: (Check archives and with Rubright or Ptwal, assuming 
they bought the iPad through ECN)

PRODUCT PURCHASE DATE: (Check archives and with Rubright or Ptwal, assuming 
they bought the iPad through ECN)

INVOICE/RECEIPT NUMBER: (Check archives and with Rubright or Ptwal, assuming 
they bought the iPad through ECN)

xxxxxxxxxxx (Check archives and with Rubright or Ptwal, assuming they bought the iPad through ECN)

xxxxxxxxxxxx (Found on the back of the device)



PHONE NUMBER: xxx-xxx-xxxx

IMPORTANT!: Please edit the information in the brackets below

representing [ PLEASE REPLACE WITH BUSINESS/INSTITUTION NAME] authorize Apple, Inc. 
to unlock the devices listed.

=========== Copy the Form Between the Dotted Lines as the Body =========== 
Best regards,
The Apple Support Team


*** Please note that this process will take Apple about 5-10 business days to complete. Make sure to let the user know this in advance. ***


Once you complete the email above and return it to Apple with the requested information, you should receive another email from Apple similar to the one below after the 5-10 business day waiting period:


Hi [NAME],

Thanks for sending the proof of purchase for this product:

Product: IPAD WI-FI 16GB BLACK-USA        
Serial number: xxxxxxxxxxxx

After reviewing the provided documentation, we have turned off Find My iPhone Activation Lock 
on your device. You can now perform a recovery-mode restore to erase the device and set it 
up with a different Apple ID.

For more information on how to perform a recovery-mode restore, see this article:

iOS: Unable to update or restore

Warning:  When you restore the device and remove the current Apple ID, all data associated with that
Apple ID will be deleted from the device and will not be restored when you set up a different Apple ID. 
This includes, but is not limited to, iTunes and App Store purchases, content stored in iCloud, and any
Message conversations.

Please contact us by phone if you have any other issues or questions.   To find the right phone number, 
see this article:

Thanks for contacting AppleCare.

Apple person
AppleCare Account Security

At this point (and once you've warned the user), it is safe to reset the device.

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