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Apple Federation

Every contact we have with any user, we need to ask whether they use their address as their AppleID.

If they do, they need to change their AppleID to their personal email address:

Around April 1st, all Apple IDs containing email addresses will begin being used for Purdue “business”. – This change is brought about because many areas need a reasonable approach to help manage Purdue Owned Apple Devices.  Most recently, the STEM building will open this fall with iPads being used in many of the labs.

This is similar to Purdue and using the email addresses to link career accounts to storage.

Purdue's current effort is to tell you where to get instructions and help in changing your Apple ID.  The current model is driven by Apple and they alone can provide you direct assistance.  The first place for you to go is to Apple Support:

We can help to some extent, but we do not have any access to any systems to help you change your Apple ID.

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