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ARMS3310 Black and White Ricoh Printer Mac Setup


Macintosh set up instructions for arms3310bw.

First you need to collect some information.


You will need to know what operating system is running on the Mac on which you are

setting up the printers. To determine this follow the instructions on the

following link…


Next you will need to install the proper driver for the printer.

Please note, you will need to install the driver for the specific OS you are

currently running on your Mac. The driver link lines below wrap, be sure

to select the entire line for use in your browser.

For arms3310bw-ps you will need the driver for a Ricoh Aficio MP 8001 which

can be found here:


After the download is completed, install the new driver.


Setting up the Printers…

Go to the Apple Menu and Select System Preferences…

From here select Printers and Scanners(or Print and Fax)…

If the lock in the bottom left hand corner is "closed", unlock this panel…

If you have previous arms3310 printers set up this is the time to remove them.

This can be accomplished simply by selecting the printer and clicking the minus sign.

Once the old printers are removed, you can proceed in adding the new printers.

Click the + sign in the lower left hand corner.

If, in the top of the "Add Printer" window, you cannot see an Advanced button,

right(control) click on the area just right of the Windows button, and select Customize toolbar.

Drag the Advanced button to the toolbar.

Select Advanced

Select Type: Windows or Windows Printer via spoolss

Address: smb://

Name: arms3310bw via vps8

Print Using: Should automatically preset itself to a Ricoh Aficio MP 8001 PS

The other fields should either be left alone.

Click Add

At this point, you should be prompted for installable options, the only one currently

installed is the Finisher: Finisher SR4030


To print, simply choose either of the two newly installed printers, and select/define your print 

parameters as normal, and click print, at which time you should be prompted to enter a login and password
combination. This login password combination should be your ECN(Purdue career account)username and password.
If you find that you have a job status of "On Hold", press the resume button, and you should be prompted for your ECN
login and password. Using Google Chrome and Adobe products might require additional steps to use the OS print dialog for successful printing.


If you check "Remember this password in my keychain", please review the next few lines for an important note.

If you save your password, you will need to clear that password out each time you change your Purdue career account

password. To do so, open Keychain Access (Applications > Utilities). Select "login" under "Keychains" and "Passwords"

under "Category", both in the left-hand column. Look through the list to the right for the printer name. Right-click on

the item and select "Delete". You will now be prompted for new credentials the next time you print.

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