Mapping a Network Drive in Windows

You will need to know the name of the server and the name of the network share that you want to map.


  • Right click on the "my computer" or the "my network" icons on the desktop->
  • Select "Map Network Drive" ->
  • Select a Drive Letter ->
  • Enter folder \\server\share ->
  • Check the reconnect at logon box ->
    • Click on connect as "different user name"
    • Enter your ecn login as ECN\your_login and password**
  • Click Ok

**The ECN\ is only required if you are connecting to a Windows server such as MADRID.**

List of possible folders around Civil:

  • \\\your_login (ECN N: drive)
  • \\\your_login (ITaP H: drive)
  • \\\your_login (ITaP H: drive)
  • \\bridge\cemain  (L:)
  • \\bridge\ceugrad (K:)
  • \\bridge\cegrad (J:)
  • \\bridge\cemdata (I:)
  • \\bridge\inltap (H:)
  • \\bridge\spave
  • \\bridge\jtrp
  • \\madrid\software

Additional information on mapping network drives:

When at home you can map a network drive to bridge or pyramid using the fully qualified domain name,

When off-campus, you will need to connect to the Purdue VPN service before trying to map a network driver. See this ITaP webpage:

If you have a class or special group account, map a drive using \\bridge.ecn\ce123. You might have to use the ip number instead of bridge.ecn in some cases. The IP number for bridge is