Resource Allocation Tool

RAT - Resource Allocation Tool


Viewing the availability of a resource

To view the availability of a resource, first select the entity that owns the resource from the list on the home page.

Next, choose the resource that you want to view. If you want to view the schedule for all of the resources belonging to an entity, this choice does not matter.

Now choose the type of calendar display you would like.

  • Week Displays a calendar of an entire week of reservations for the selected resource. Click on a date at the top of the calendar to see a day view for that date. Click on a column header to see that resource for that day of the week.
  • Comparison Shows all reservations for all of the entity's resources on a given day. Click on a column to see just that resource for that day.
  • Month Displays a calendar of an entire month of reservations for the selected resource. Each calendar date will be colored either white or light blue. If it is colored, there is a reservation at some point during the day. To see the reservations hover over that day. A brief View of the day will appear on the right of the month. Click on a date to see the reservation for that Day.
  • Day Displays a detailed calendar of the day of reservations for the selected resource.

Finally, choose a date to display. If you choose week or month view, you will get a display for the week or month containing the date selected.

Clicking the "View Calendar" button will return you to blank screen for that date.