Web Hosting Request

In order to provide long-lasting high-quality web services, ECN has developed the Engineering Web Cluster. All information sent to and from the Web Cluster is protected from using SSL encryption. The Web Cluster provides three hosting environments:

  • IIS - hosting for Windows ASP, ASP.NET - details at ECN IIS Web Hosting Information
  • Apache - hosting for Static HTML, CGI Scripts (Perl/Python) and PHP
  • Zope - an open source application server for building content management systems, intranets, portals, and custom applications. Also well suited for research group pages where one wants to build simple websites using the College templates and minimal HTML and/or php knowledge. (What is Zope?) - details at ECN's Zope and Apache Web Hosting Information

Web sites hosted on the Engineering Web Cluster are accessed at URLs such as:

  • https://engineering.purdue.edu/~username/
  • https://engineering.purdue.edu/people/qualified.name.1
  • https://engineering.purdue.edu/GroupName
  • https://engineering.purdue.edu/Firstname-Lastname

If you are interested in a custom web development project fill out the Special Projects Request Form or make a note in the Comments field below.

Fill out the form below to request web hosting on the Engineering Web Cluster. Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are required, and must be completed in order to submit the application.

Type of web site?

Hosting Environment
(Copy files to a file share, CGI Scripts (Perl/Python), and PHP)
(Copy files to a file share, CGI Scripts (Perl, Python), ASP.NET, PHP, .NET web applications)
(Start with a skeleton site with our Purdue template)
If you would like us to add your group members to the People page of your site, please include the full names or email addresses of the members and indicate which subgroups they are in. Our standard subgroups are Principal Investigator, Postdocs, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students, but the names can be changed, and additional subgroups can be added if needed.

Upon clicking the Send Web Hosting Request button below you will be asked to login using your Purdue Career Account username and password.