Ralph Mccallister

Engineering Computer Network
Help Desk/Systems Specialist
Office: EE 374D
Phone: (765) 49-44326

Ralph Mccallister at work Ralph McCallister is the Site Specialist for Potter. His site is different from all others in that its users are primarily research oriented. The communication skills Ralph acquired while getting his BA in Management help him to understand and accommodate the computing needs of his site's user base.

While Ralph still responds to user requests, problems, and/or concerns, his days do not always revolve around problems and break-downs. He spends the majority of his time communicating with researchers who require computing resources to determine what would best satisfy their need and stay within their budget. Ralph tries to "shop around" so that he can provide his clients with the most powerful yet cost-effective computer equipment. The Potter site includes the Institute for Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies (IIES), the Department of Biomedical Engineering, freshman Engineering, the Center for Collaborative Manufacturing, and the Division of Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies (IDE). Within IIES are the Automotive Transportation Center, the State Utility Forecasting Group, CINDAS, the Southern African Power Pool Project, and the Laboratory of Renewable Resources Engineering. Members of these areas range from engineers to agricultural experts to biologists and veterinarians. They conduct research ranging from the utilization of electromagnetism by the medical community to seat belt safety and issues surrounding drunk driving to fermentation and biotechnology.

When not busy working, Ralph likes to brew beer. He has created new tastes and combinations including a rather potent cherry mead. He also enjoys working out and playing golf.