Nishant Rao

College Of Science Administration
Director, College Of Science It
Office: MSEE 130B
Phone: +1 765 49-44326

Nishant Rao at work Nishant Rao previously worked in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department as an assistant site specialist before transferring over to ECN central specializing in PC hardware support. Previous to that he worked in the Food Engineering area working on minimizing the environmental impact of food processing plants. He received his graduate degrees in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University.

Nishant's main focus is in the ECN wide support of PC hardware. He is the first point of contact when Site Specialists need new PCs deployed or need existing machines redeployed for various reasons. Site Specialists often contact him when they need hardware fixes, upgrades, and/or installations. Nishant checks his queue for requests, then works with his student assistants and various ECN support groups to resolve the problem. In this capacity Nishant works very closely with the Microcomputer Systems Support Group to resolve PC hardware and software issues in the shortest time possible.

Nishant is an avid reader and is currently into fantasy and science fiction. He is anxiously waiting for the next Robert Jordan book to come out. Other things that keep him occupied are playing volleyball, and watching his garden grow. He is also very excited about buying his first house!