Pamela Hiner

Official Retiree
Senior Administrative Assistant
Office: MSEE 150 C
Phone: +1 765 49-43516

Pamela Hiner at work Pam Hiner holds a unique position as ECN's Administrative Assistant, a title she has held since 1994. Pam's official duties include everything from handling the budget to dealing with staff issues. Pam handles software license renewals, helps resolve items in the price queue, provides purchasing assistance for Engineering faculty and staff, and much, much more. Because Pam has knowledge of such diverse aspects of ECN, she is often the first person users contact for help.

Pam has been with Purdue for over thirty-two years, even longer than she has been with ECN. While working at Purdue, she also attended classes, acquiring her Associate Degree in Organizational Leadership and Supervision. Pam previously worked in the business service area for fourteen years, Pam finds her job much more interesting because of the variety of tasks she performs on a daily basis. One minute she will be handling a human resources issue and the next she is researching vendors to the find the best available pricing for a piece of equipment. The knowledge she gained from working in the Business Services area has proven to be a great resource in her present position, as she is the main liaison between ECN staff and the Business Office Staff.

Pam spends her free time with a variety of fulfilling activities. An exercise aficionado, Pam participates in Purdue's Spring Fling each year. The event, first started in 1991, recognizes Purdue University faculty and staff. Pam is an annual participant in the Spring Fling three mile walk around campus, and has every medal awarded since the event started.

After working eight to five each workday, Pam goes home to Chalmers, Indiana, where she lives with her husband, Bruce, and their two Golden Retrievers, Porter and Dante. Porter is the second Golden Retriever to be accepted into the Hiner family, as Pam adores the breed. The Hiners also have one adult son, Ryan. Pam also enjoys paper crafts and volunteers her time and talents with the Chalmers Community Church. Pam's numerous hobbies add character to her office, while her expansive knowledge of ECN makes Pam a useful resource for all of her co-workers.