David Carmichael

Engineering Computer Network
Executive Director of ECN and IT for the College of Engineering
Office: EE 150 E
Phone: +1 765 49-43546

David Carmichael at work Dave Carmichael is Director of ECN and Information Technology for Engineering. Previously, he was the Manager of the User Services Group here at the ECN. In the past, he worked as Manager of Chemical Engineering Computing Facilities. Dave originally came to Purdue as a student where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.

On a typical day, Dave's job is to balance programming and product developing tasks in a manner which enables the individuals on his team to perform their duties as efficiently as possible. He serves as the liaison between ECN Central and the individual Schools by working with the site specialists to insure that the needs of the Schools are met. They have weekly meetings to assess problem areas as well as points of progress. Dave works with ITaP to better improve the common UNIX environment (CUE). One of Dave's individual responsibilities includes providing price quotes to Engineering faculty and staff. A professor might have funds from a grant or the University to purchase new or upgrade existing computer equipment. When consulted, Dave assists in system configuration and determination of system costs of the professor's needed computer items.

When he's not at work, Dave likes to shoot pool. He competes in tournaments at the Purdue Memorial Union, although he admits he has not won one yet. Dave also enjoys racquetball, golf, whitewater rafting, hiking, and playing his guitar.