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Research Solidification Heat Transfer Lab

The Solidification Heat Transfer Lab is directed by Dr. Suresh Garimella, and is located in lab 61 of the Mechanical Engineering Building at Purdue University's West Lafayette, Indiana campus.

Dr. Garimella also directs the Electronics Cooling Laboratory and the Cooling Technologies Research Center (CTRC).

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Animation to illustrate vortex shedding in thermocline distributor

39 MB wmv file - Provided as supplementary information for "Molten-Salt Thermal Energy Storage in Thermoclines under Different Environmental Boundary Conditions," by Zhen Yang and Suresh V. Garimella (in review with Applied Energy).


Experimental data for melting in a cylinder

Photos and Credits

Clockwise from upper left: USMP-4 carrier with MEPHISTO solidification experiment awaiting launch on shuttle flight STS-87 (Kennedy Space Center); Thermal jackets and CCD camera used for directional solidification experiments; Indigo 2 workstation used for, and results from, numerical simulations of solidification (SGI and James Simpson); Nucleation of aqueous Ammonium Chloride alloy (Suresh Garimella and Jim McNulty). Center: Liftoff of Shuttle Columbia on mission STS-87, November 19, 1997. (Kennedy Space Center). Page background: Dendrite grown in IDGE furnace during STS-87 (Marshall Space Flight Center)

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