Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association

Dear ECEDHA member,

Welcome to the ECEDHA Survey portal and the Interactive Data System (IDS). The system is now open for data query, allowing you to select a set of peer institutions and compare your responses with your peers. In accordance with longstanding ECEDHA practice, we have taken care to construct the interactive data system in a way that preserves confidentiality. In the graphical comparisons provided by the system, all college/university names are replaced by a letter designation (A, B, C, ...) and the designated letters assigned are randomized as a privacy safeguard every time a plot is generated. As an additional privacy measure, users are required to specify a minimum of 12 peer institutions for data query. This helps protect school identities that might otherwise be apparent if very small sets of peers were allowable. Finally, once you have selected a peer group, the system will not allow you to change that peer group.

Should you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, please contact me at mjts@ecedha.org .

Very kindest regards,
Mark Smith