Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association

Dear ECEDHA member,

Welcome to the ECEDHA Survey portal and the Interactive Data System (IDS). The portal is now open for data entry. Please be aware that during this entry period, users are not able to query the survey database.

Please answer all questions; some are optional; some are required (denoted by the asterisk). To assist as you enter your data, we provide your numerical information from last year (or the latest information we have) next to the entry box. There are preset bounds in place to help detect accidental entry errors. For example, if you are asked to enter an academic year salary and you enter a monthly salary by mistake, you will receive a message that says your entry is outside of the expected bounds. The message is just a courtesy alert to allow you to correct errors. Your data entry will still be saved. Non-numeric entries (such as $ , %) are not saved and will generate an error message to that effect. For example, 50,000 should be entered as 50000 and $20k should be entered as 20000.

In accordance with longstanding ECEDHA practice, we have taken great care to construct the interactive data system in a way that preserves confidentiality. After the data collection period ends and we open the system for interactive customized query, ECEDHA users will be able to view individual responses from peer cohorts in graphical form. All names will be replaced by a letter designation (A, B, C, ...) and the designated letters that are assigned will be randomized as a privacy safeguard every time a plot is generated. As an additional privacy measure, users will be required to specify a minimum of 12 peer institutions for data query. This helps protect school identities that might otherwise be apparent if very small sets of peers were allowable.

As you prepare to enter your data, please keep in mind that when the survey entry period closes and we open the system for interactive customized query, you will only be able to examine questions to which you responded. This is intended as an incentive measure to maximize the information we are able to collect, which benefits everyone. So again, I encourage you to answer all questions.

Should you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, please contact me at mjts@ecedha.org .

Very kindest regards,
Mark Smith