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January 23, 2013

Professor Niklas Elmqvist receives NSF CAREER Award

Professor Niklas Elmqvist
Professor Niklas Elmqvist
His proposal was titled "CAREER: Ubilytics: Harnessing Existing Device Ecosystems for Anywhere Sensemaking"

Professor Niklas Elmqvist has been awarded the NSF CAREER Award for his proposal "CAREER: Ubilytics: Harnessing Existing Device Ecosystems for Anywhere Sensemaking".

Computing is becoming increasingly ubiquitous: mobile devices are growing smaller yet more powerful, large displays are getting cheaper, and our physical environments are turning intelligent and are integrating an increasing number of digital processors. Meanwhile, the big data deluge has never been greater, and people need to leverage all of this digital infrastructure to stay afloat. Ubiquitous analytics draws upon the emerging ecosystem of mobile devices in our physical surroundings to stake out a new digital future of ever-present, always-on computing; one that can support analytics anytime, anywhere.

The total grant amount is $480,894 over five years.