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November 9, 2015
Those recognized were: Prof. Muhammad A. Alam, Prof. Jan Allebach, Prof. Joerg Appenzeller, Res Eng. Aaron Ault, Prof. Saurabh Bagchi, Prof. Charles Bouman, Prof. William Chappell, Prof. George T.C. Chiu, Prof. Dave Ebert, Prof. David Janes, Prof. James Krogmeier, Prof. David Love, Res. Scientist Abish Malik, Prof. Saeed Mohammadi, Prof. Zheng Ouyang, Prof. Steven Pekarek, Prof. Dimitrios Peroulis, Prof. Karthik Ramani, Prof. Sanjay Rao, Prof. Kaushik Roy, Res. Scientist Sean Scott, Prof. Scott Sudhoff, and Prof. Babak Ziaie.
Professor Vlad Shalaev
November 5, 2015
He was recognized for his world-renowned research in nanotechnology and has worked on the development of the world's smallest laser, among other things. His pioneering research is expected to have a significant impact on many fields, from cryptography to cancer treatment.
Graduate Student I-Fan Lin
October 29, 2015
The multimedia project showcases how Boilermakers are making an impact on the world. I-Fan was featured in the debut edition.
Graduate student I-Fan Lin
October 27, 2015
The poster session is open to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students at Purdue engaged in civic engagement activities locally, nationally, and internationally.
Professor Y. Charlie Hu
October 7, 2015
Mobile Enerlytics LLC, a software startup co-founded by Professor Y. Charlie Hu, has been chosen as one of 16 teams to participate in the next class of the Alchemist Accelerator program, beginning Dec. 3.
Graduate Student Heng Wu
October 5, 2015
His presentation was titled " Hetero-integrated III-V 3D CMOS on InAs/GaSb ". He is advised by Professor Peide "Peter" Ye.
Graduate Student Xingshu Sun
October 1, 2015
His presentation was titled "Channel Transmission Characteristics of Silicon Nanotransistors". He is advised by Professors Muhammad A. Alam and Mark Lundstrom.
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