Professor Johnny Park
November 19, 2015
Spensa Technologies is a startup in Purdue Research Park. ECE Professor Johnny Park is president and CEO of the company, which researches innovations in precision pest management.
Professor Edward Delp
November 16, 2015
Google Research Awards are one-year awards structured as unrestricted gifts to universities to support the work of world-class permanent faculty members at top universities around the world. Professor Delp's project is entitled: "Error Resilient Video Coding for Real-Time Communication".
Professor Meng Cui
November 12, 2015
His are among 67 new awards, totaling more than $38 million, announced by NIH in October. The grants were issued to 131 researchers working at 125 institutions in the United States and eight other countries. Professor Cui, whose grant totals $1.4 million, will lead a research team harnessing the same kind of "adaptive optics" technology used in astronomy for a new imaging system to non-invasively take in-vivo images of the brain's cortex at greater depth than usually possible.
Graduate Student AJ Metcalf
November 9, 2015
He is advised by Professor Andrew Weiner. Their published paper is titled "Broadly tunable, low timing jitter, high repetition rate optoelectronic comb generator".
ECE logo
November 9, 2015
Those recognized were: Prof. Muhammad A. Alam, Prof. Jan Allebach, Prof. Joerg Appenzeller, Res Eng. Aaron Ault, Prof. Saurabh Bagchi, Prof. Charles Bouman, Prof. William Chappell, Prof. George T.C. Chiu, Prof. Dave Ebert, Prof. David Janes, Prof. James Krogmeier, Prof. David Love, Res. Scientist Abish Malik, Prof. Saeed Mohammadi, Prof. Zheng Ouyang, Prof. Steven Pekarek, Prof. Dimitrios Peroulis, Prof. Karthik Ramani, Prof. Sanjay Rao, Prof. Kaushik Roy, Res. Scientist Sean Scott, Prof. Scott Sudhoff, and Prof. Babak Ziaie.
Professor Vlad Shalaev
November 5, 2015
He was recognized for his world-renowned research in nanotechnology and has worked on the development of the world's smallest laser, among other things. His pioneering research is expected to have a significant impact on many fields, from cryptography to cancer treatment.
Graduate Student I-Fan Lin
October 29, 2015
The multimedia project showcases how Boilermakers are making an impact on the world. I-Fan was featured in the debut edition.
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