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Diti Bhatnagar

BSEE '16
Electronic Controls Application Engineer
Cummins, Inc.

ECE at Purdue is so fulfilling that it prepares you to face challenges and solve complex problems in the outside world.

Why did you choose to study electrical and computer engineering?

I really enjoyed studying electricity, magnetism and circuits in my Physics class back in high school. Growing up, I was intrigued by how any product would involve an electrical and mechanical system along with some software and perform functions which made life easier. I wasn’t entirely sure about which engineering major I wanted to pursue but always had an interest towards ECE. The seminars which different engineering schools used to hold during FYE classes (ENGR 131, 132) and reading about the innovations in the tech industry influenced my decision.

Favorite Purdue ECE class or experience:

I really enjoyed ECE 202 – Linear Circuit Analysis II with Prof. DeCarlo as it acted like a gateway to Electrical Engineering for me and helped me develop/establish the foundations right. Classes like ECE382 – Feedback Systems Analysis & Design with Prof. Lee , ECE321 – Electromechanical Motion Devices with Prof. Aliprantis, ECE 311 – Electric and Magnetic Fields with Prof. Melloch & ECE423 – Electromechanical Motion with Prof. Wasynczuk Controls made me discover my interests within Electrical Engineering which I wanted to pursue professionally in the future in my career. I learnt a lot from working with Prof Robinson and experimenting with different devices, like an Xbox, hybrid electric vehicles etc. from an EMC perspective.

What organizations or activities were you involved in at Purdue? What did you gain from that involvement?

I was actively involved with ECE Ambassadors (ECEA) and Purdue Indian Undergraduate Welfare Association (IUWA). I loved giving tours in ECEA and acting as the link between prospective students and Purdue. It helped me gain an insight on what and how the future generation thinks about technology and their role in it. I got multiple opportunities to interact with alumni with different ECEA events and it was always enriching to know about their career and experiences. Purdue IUWA helped me guide incoming freshmen from India and make their transition into a different country and college life smoother. I enjoyed representing both the organizations and being the face for both ECE and an Indian female Electrical Engineer.  

What are you doing currently?

I am working as an Electronic Controls Application Engineer at Cummins Inc. in Columbus, Indiana. I work on validating and testing the software which goes into Fiat Chrysler’s Dodge RAM trucks and supporting the current product from an electronic and controls perspective. My job requires applying control systems theory and applications, concepts of physics and software code in solving problems which the customers face on our engines. It involves utilizing Simulation and testing to develop robust model based controls to build efficient reliable engines.

What are your ultimate career goals?

My ultimate career goal is to work on Product Development in the Health care industry and improve medical products and technologies that will help save lives or provide an alternate efficient solution to medical problems.  Along with my professional career, I want to help empower underprivileged children and help provide them with access to education and health care.

How is your Purdue degree helping you achieve your goals?

My Purdue degree helped me well to transition into the technical aspects of my current job. There were skills I acquired through different classes or software/tools that I had used extensively in Purdue that I am using for my everyday tasks at work. ECE at Purdue is so fulfilling that it prepares you to face on challenges and solve complex problems in the outside world.

What advice do you have for current ECE students?

Try out different electives when in school to get a feel of which area you’d like to pursue in the future. Participate in any competitions or conferences happening as they are a great source of networking and practical learning. Try to get an internship and a research during your time at Purdue. It’ll help create a better understanding of how both the environments differ.

What do you do in your free time?

Read biographies/auto-biographies and watch similar documentaries or shows. I enjoy Singing and listening to music. I like to travel and explore new places, try different cuisines and activities etc. I love dogs, WWE and Tennis. I try to spend a lot of time with my family and friends.

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