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Joining Forces from Data Mining and Visual Analytics for Big Data

Author: Nancy
Event Date: March 24, 2014
Speaker: Jaegul Choo
Speaker Affiliation: Georgia Institute of Technology
Time: 2:00pm, reception at 3:00pm
Location: EE 317
Contact Name: Professor Niklas Elmqvist
Contact Phone: 765-494-0364
Contact Email:

Visual analytics, which leverages human capability via interactive visualization in data analyses, has recently gained popularity. As data become larger and complicated, data mining methods often play a crucial role in visual analytics by providing an important insight about data. In this talk, I will present both fundamental approaches and visual analytics systems that join forces from the two disciplines, data mining and visual analytics.

First, I will introduce a foundational visual analytics system called the FODAVA testbed where users can obtain crucial understanding of data by applying various data mining methods in an interactive visual manner. Second, I will present another system called UTOPIAN (User-driven Topic Modeling based on Interactive Nonnegative Matrix Factorization). This work re-designs computational methods for supporting various user interactions with real-time responses in visual analytics. Several usage scenarios of UTOPIAN will be presented using real-world data sets.

Finally, my on-going and future research directions will be briefly discussed.

Jaegul Choo is a research scientist at Georgia Tech. He received his Ph.D. and M.S. from Georgia Tech and a B.S. in Seoul National University. His research focuses on improving data mining methods to better serve human needs in real-world analysis as well as developing visual analytics systems based on them, in order to leverage both computational and human capabilities. His recent work pursues interdisciplinary research spanning visual analytics, data and text mining, social media analysis, information visualization, and human-computer interaction.

Dr. Choo is a prospective ECE faculty member.