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Development for Materials Advanced Composites

Event Date: June 12, 2012
Speaker: Jim Snyder
Speaker Affiliation: Army Research Laboratory
Time: 10:30
Location: ARMS 1109
In order to meet the increasing demand for lightweight systems, there is interest in a wide range of advanced materials. This talk will highlight two areas in which materials research is being used to accelerate development of lightweight composites. In the first area, we are advancing a multiscale research program for low cost, high performance reinforcement of transparent composites that includes both preparation and application of cellulose-based nanomaterials. Cellulose nanocrystals and nanofibrils, which possess high specific strengths and moduli, are particularly intriguing for their potential reinforcement capabilities simultaneous with promotion of optical transparency. Parallel research thrusts are being pursued, including development and testing of high performance fiber and foam nanoarchitectures, integration with transparent matrices, and laminate testing. In the second research area, multifunctional fiber-matrix composites are being developed to store electrical energy while bearing mechanical load. Referred to as structural batteries and structural supercapacitors, mechanically robust properties are being designed directly into electrochemically active polymer-based electrolyte and fiber-based electrode components to optimize both energy storage and load-bearing capabilities. Properly designed, these technologies could be used to replace conventional structural components, such as vehicle frame elements, to enable significant system-level weight reductions. Current efforts focus on tailoring performance through the use of nanoparticle additives, chemical modifications, thin films, optimizing the interfaces and developing an understanding of nano- and microstructures as they relate to the desired properties.


Dr. Jim Snyder is a research chemist in the Materials & Manufacturing Science Division of the Army Research Laboratory. Dr. Snyder received his B.S. from Carnegie Mellon University, and his PhD from Northwestern University under the guidance of Professors Du Shriver and Mark Ratner. He has been at ARL since2002 where he has been involved with a variety of research efforts involving chemistry and materials science with an underlying interest in advanced concepts for energy storage, conversion and transport.