Research Challenges for the Semiconductor Industry in 2009

Event Date: February 19, 2009
Speaker: Dr. Steven Hillenius
Speaker Affiliation: Executive Vice President of the Semiconductor Research Corporation
Sponsor: ECE Graduate Seminar Series
Time: 3:00 PM
Location: Fowler Hall
Contact Name: Prof Mark Lundstrom
Contact Phone: 765-49-43515
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The Semiconductor industry has achieved extraordinary growth in productivity over the last 50 or more years through investment in basic research.  The industry has depended on this basic research to find the breakthrough materials, structures, designs and architectures to enable the development of new technologies and applications.  Much of that research has been defined and planned through the road mapping of needs that were determined by Moore's law driven device and technology scaling.  The industry is now facing a more challenging period where a mature technology environment will require more research diversity that goes beyond issues of device scaling. The research directions will be driven by more applications research and massive parallelism in the architectures.   In addition to information processing and communication, exploiting recent advances in nanoscience to realize new technologies for energy, the environment, and for bio-medical applications are increasingly important.  The new research needs will also require new methods of funding and of creating the means of industry realizing value in University research.  The current plans and directions to meet these needs will be described.