Labs and Facilities

Research Groups, Laboratories and Centers

Adaptive Radio Electronics and Sensors (ARES)
Applied Ultrasonics Laboratory
Assistive Robotics Technology Laboratory (ARTLab)*
Biomedical Acoustics Research Laboratory (BARLab)
Birck Nanotechnology Center*
Center for Wireless Systems and Applications*
Chen Lab Birck Nanotechnology Center*
Coherent and Quantum Optics Laboratory
Communication Research Laboratory (CRLAB)*
Dependable Computing Systems Laboratory*
Digital Systems Senior Design Project Laboratory
Distributed Multimedia Systems Laboratory
Distributed Systems and Networking Lab (DSNL)*
Electronic Imaging Systems Laboratory
Embedded Systems Laboratory (ESL)
Energy Conversion Research Laboratory (ECRL)*
Energy Systems Analysis Consortium (ESAC)
Genetic Optimization Processing Array (GOPA)*
Haptic Interface Research Laboratory (HIRL)*
High-Efficiency, Low-Power Systems (HELPS)*
Information Infrastructure Security Research Laboratory*
Integrated Designs of Electromagnetically Applied Systems (IDEAS) Laboratory*
Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL)
Internet Systems Laboratory (ISL)*
Introduction to Digital System Design Laboratory
III-V Molecular Beam Epitaxy Laboratory
Microelectronic Device and Materials Laboratories
Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing Laboratory
Microwave Laboratory
Nanoelectronics at Appenzeller Laboratory*
Nanoelectronics Research Laboratory (NRL)*
Naval Combat Survivability Testbed (NCST)
Network for Computational Nanotechnology (NCN)*
On-Chip Electromagnetics
Optical and Digital Information Processing Laboratory
Parallel Distributed Processing Laboratory
ParaMount Group*
Photoluminescence and Hall Effect Characterization Laboratory
Photonics and Spectroscopy Laboratory (PSL) Facilities
Power Magnetics Laboratory*
Purdue Information Visualization Tools and Techniques Laboratory (PIVOT)*
Purdue Medium Voltage DC Testbed*
Purdue Multimedia Testbed*
Purdue University Rendering and Perceptualization Laboratory (PURPL)*
Purdue University Regional Visualization and Analytics Center (PURVAC)*
Relations group*
Robot-Vision Laboratory*
Silicon Carbide Epigrowth Laboratory
Spectral Imaging Systems Laboratory
Spread Spectrum and Satellite Communications Research Laboratory (S3CRL)*
Ultrafast Optics and Fiber Communications Laboratory*
Video and Image Processing Laboratory (VIPER)*
Video and Image Systems Engineering (VISE)
Visual Analytics for Comman, Control. and Interoperability Environments (VACCINE)*
The Nanoelectronic Modeling Group*
Ziaie Biomedical Microdevices Laboratory*

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