Grainger Awards

 Undergraduate students who meet the following minimum requirements are eligible to be considered for the Grainger Outstanding Power and Energy Student Awards.

2014 Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must graduate Fall 2013 or Spring 2014
  • Earn a Bachelor of Science degree in the College of Engineering
  • Complete and submit an application by the appropriate deadline*
  • Successfully complete 4 of the courses listed below
  • Must have a Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0/4.0
  • Must have attended school years 9-12 in the United States and graduated from a US high school
  • 2015 Requirements are same as 2014 with the exception that student must graduate in Summer 2014, Fall 2014, or Spring 2015.

Undergraduate Energy Sources and Systems Emphasis Courses

Course Number Course Title
ECE 321 Electromechanical Motions Devices
ECE 323 Electromechanical Motion Devices Laboratory
ECE 423 Electromechanical Motion Control
ECE 432 Elements of Power Systems Engineering
ECE 433 Power Electronics
ECE 495 Power Electronics Laboratory
ECE 545 Digital Computational Techniques for Electric Circuits
ECE 490 3 Hours Research under ES&S Faculty
ECE 496 EPICS project Related to ES&S (advised by ES&S faculty)

*2014 Application Deadlines: February 15, 2014
*2015 Application Deadlines: February 15, 2015

If you need further assistance or to submit an application, contact:

Steve Pekarek
148 Electrical Engineering
Purdue University