Power and Energy Devices and Systems

PEDS Alumni in Academia

 The Power and Energy Devices and Systems (PEDS) Area at Purdue has had a long history of graduates who have excelled in academic positions after leaving Purdue. A mission of our program is to produce those individuals who will lead the leaders in power engineering. PEDS alumni who have entered academia include several distinguished and chaired faculty and two member of the National Academy of Engineering. Alumni include (in alphabetical order):

Dionysios Aliprantis  John Ciezki Patrick Chapman
Dionysios Aliprantis
Assistant Professor
Iowa State University
John Ciezki
Associate Professor
US Naval Academy
Patrick Chapman
Associate Professor
University of Illinois
Brad Deken W. Mack Grady Gerald Heydt
Brad Deken
Assistant Professor
Southeast Missouri
State University
W. Mack Grady
Jack S. Josey Centennial
Professor in Energy Resources
University of Texas
Gerald Heydt
Regents Professor
Arizona State University
National Academy of Engineering
Juri Jatskevich Chunki Kwon Kraig Olejniczak
Juri Jatskevich
Associate Professor
University of British Columbia
Chunki Kwon
Assistant Professor
Soon-chun-hyang University
Kraig J. Olejniczak
Professor and Dean of Engineering
Valparaiso University
Jeff Mayer Mehdi Moallem Pete Sauer
Jeff Mayer
Associate Professor
Penn State University
Mehdi Moallem
Isfahan University of Technology


Pete Sauer
Professor and Grainger Chair in Electrical Engineering
University of Illinois
National Academy of Engineering