Course Structure

This summary of the Microelectronics and Nanotechnology Area courses is intended to help students select courses. It is not intended to be prescriptive. The Area divides its courses into two categories:
i) Fundamentals and ii) Focus Areas.
All Area students should take the recommended Fundamentals courses or their equivalents.  Every student should also be exposed to each of the three Focus Areas:
i) Devices (Electronics or MEMS), ii) Quantum Phenomena, and iii) Materials, Fabrication, and Characterization
or can choose to concentrate on one or a combination of these focus areas. 


ECE 305 Semiconductor Devices
ECE 407 Semiconductor Measurements Laboratory
ECE 453 (currently 495N) Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics
ECE 456 Integrated Circuit Engineering
ECE 606 Solid State Devices I
ECE 656 Fundamentals of Carrier Transport
ECE 604 Electromagnetic Fields
Phys 517 Statistical Physics
Phys 545 Solid State Physics
Phys 550 Quantum Mechanics
Phys 600, 601 Methods of Mathematical Physics
MA 511 Linear Algebra


Focus Areas
and Other Related Courses


  • ChemE 595: IC Fabrication
  • ECE 557: IC Fabrication Lab (Electronics and MEMS)
  • ECE 658: Characterization
  • MSE 695T: Nano Fabrication


  • ME 597W/ChE 597W: Micro/Nano Phenomena and MEMS
  • ECE 526/BME 581: BioMEMS
  • ECE 595X: RF MEMS

Device Physics

  • ECE 595-Sands: Solid State Energy Conversion
  • ECE 612: Nanoscale Transistors
  • ECE 654: Solid State Devices II

Quantum Phenomena

  • ECE 659: Quantum Transport
  • Phys 617: Statistical Mechanics
  • Phys 660, 661: Quantum Mechanics
  • Physics 645, 646: SS Physics
  • Chem 673: Quantum Chemistry

Computing and Numerical Analysis

  • CS 515: Numerical Linear Algebra (Matlab-based)
  • CS 525: Parallel Programming
  • ECN and ITaP short courses on computing
  • Audit any course on C or Fortran

Biology/Biomedical Courses

  • Biol 295E: Biology of the Living Cell
  • Biol 438/439: General Microbiology/Lab
  • Biol 542: Various Lab Modules
  • BME 695C/ChE 697C: Biomaterials
  • BME 695I: Scanning Probe Microscopy: Biomimetic Systems


  • ECE 695S: Nanophotonics


  • ECE 556: Fundamentals of VLSI