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2013 Faculty Awards Banquet (presented at 2013 Electrical and Computer Engineering Awards)

On Friday, November 1st, 2013, Dr. Ragu Balakrishnan and the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering celebrated the individual and collective success of ECE Faculty and Alumni by recognizing them with awards for their outstanding accomplishments over the past year. Awards were presented from the school along with other awards our faculty have received from the College of Engineering, Purdue University, and prestigious external organizations.


2012-2013 ECE Awards

Ruth and Joel Spira Teaching Award
Zhihong Chen

HKN Outstanding Professor Award
Barrett Robinson
Michael Melloch

Motorola Award for Excellence in Teaching
Michael Melloch

  Eaton Award in Design Excellence
Alan Barker, alumnus
James Krogmeier

Hesselberth Award for Teaching Excellence
James A. Cooper, Jr.
2013 College and University Awards

Purdue Provost Award for Outstanding Graduate Mentor
Jan Allebach

Michael and Katherine Birck Head of ECE
Ragu Balakrishnan

Showalter Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Charles Bouman

Purdue Award for Excellence in Distance Learning
Supriyo Datta

CoE Faculty Award of Excellence Engagement and Service Award
Eric Furgason


University Faculty Scholar
Dan Jiao

Reilly Dir. of the Center for Predictive Materials and Devices
Gerhard Klimeck

Edward G. Tiedemann Jr. Distinguished Professor of ECE
Kaushik Roy

CoE Faculty Award of Excellence Team Award - Purdue Neurotrauma Award
Thomas Talavage

2013 Herbert Newby McCoy Award
Andrew Weiner

2012-2013 External Honors and Awards

2013 Materials Research Society Outstanding Young Investigator Award
Alexandra Boltasseva

2013 Young Investigator Award IEEE Photonics Society
Alexandra Boltasseva

Niklas Elmqvist

Google Faculty Research Award
Y. Charlie Hu

IEEE Fellow
Gerhard Klimeck

Dept. of Energy Early Career Research Award
Milind Kulkarni


Google Faculty Research Award
Samuel Midkiff

IEEE Fellow
Steven Pekarek

Vladimir Shalaev

Fellow, Drexel University's Executive Leadership in Academic Technology and Engineering (ELATE) Program
Hong Tan

IEEE Fellow
Peide "Peter" Ye