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2009 Faculty Awards Banquet (presented at 2009 Electrical and Computer Engineering Awards)

Friday October 2nd, 2009 Dr. Ragu Balakrishnan and the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering celebrated the individual and collective success of ECE Faculty and Alumni by recognizing them with awards for their outstanding accomplishments over the past year. Awards were presented from the school along with other awards our faculty have received from the College of Engineering, Purdue University, and prestigious external organizations.


2008-2009 ECE Awards

Chicago Alumni New Faculty Award
Alexandra Boltasseva

HKN Outstanding Professor Award
James V. Krogmeier
David G. Meyer

Motorola Award for Excellence in Teaching
Jan P. Allebach

  Eaton Award in Design Excellence
Caleb Fulton, alumnus
William J. Chappell

Hesselberth Award for Teaching Excellence
Michael R. Melloch
2009 College and University Awards

College of Engineering Faculty Excellence Awards      
      Early Career Research Award
      Y. Charlie Hu
      Research Award
      Edward J. Delp
      Team Excellence Award
      Dimitrios Peroulis

      Professional Achievement Award
      Daniel M. Leaird

      Administrative/Professional Customer Service Award
      Lynn Stevenson


University Seed for Success Award
Dimitrios Peroulis

Teaching for Tomorrow Award
Saurabh Bagchi

Research Excellence Award
Kaushik Roy

Book of Great Teachers Induction
Sipriyo Datta
Robert F. Pierret

Herbert Newby McCoy Award
Vladimir Shalaev

2008-2009 External Honors and Awards

NSF Career Awards
Chih-Chun Wang

National Academy of Engineering
Mark S. Lundstrom

Young Researcher Award in Advanced Optical Tech.
Alexandra Boltasseva

Signal Processing Society Award
Edward J. Delp

First Place in Phase Two of the 2007-2008
SRC Design Challenge
Byunghoo Jung and Dimitrios Peroulis

IEEE Power Engineering Society
Cyril Veinott Award
Oleg Wasynczuk


American Physical Society Fellow
Ashraf Alam

IEEE Fellow
David S. Ebert
Oleg Wasynczuk

Optical Society of America Fellow
Evgenii Narimanov

National Security Science and
Engineering Faculty Fellow
Andrew M. Weiner

2010 IEEE Nikola Tesla Award
Paul C. Krause, Emeritus Faculty

Military Communications Conference Award
for Technical Achievement
James S. Lehnert