August 12, 2015
ECE researchers have solved a key obstacle in creating the underlying technology for miniature optical sensors to detect chemicals and biological compounds, high-precision spectroscopy, ultra-stable microwave sources, and optical communications systems that transmit greater volumes of information with better quality.
plasmonic oxide material
August 3, 2015
Researchers have created a new "plasmonic oxide material" that could make possible devices for optical communications that are at least 10 times faster than conventional technologies.
smart capsule
July 14, 2015
A new "smart capsule" under development could deliver medications directly to the large intestines to target certain medical conditions.
Professor Y. Charlie Hu
July 9, 2015
ECE researchers presented a paper at the ACM Sigmetrics conference reporting their findings on what the largest causes of battery drain were in Android phones using their app eStar Energy Saver.
implantable chip
May 11, 2015
A Purdue research team is making progress in developing wireless implantable medical devices for treatment of a variety of conditions using wireless networks of nanoelectronic sensors and actuators.
Mirror Mirror
May 4, 2015
ECE students seeking a way to save time by being able to get ready in the morning while checking the latest news, emails and even bus schedules have created a monitor that shows relevant information to the user and acts like a traditional mirror.
Professor Vladimir Shalaev
March 27, 2015
Progress in developing nanophotonic devices capable of withstanding high temperatures and harsh conditions for applications including data storage, sensing, health care and energy will depend on the research community and industry adopting new "plasmonic ceramic" materials, according to a commentary this week in the journal Science.
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