ECE Student Pat Sabpisal
March 27, 2015
Purdue University students have developed an app that helps users print documents from smartphones to selected printers on campus, which could cut down on the time it takes to print.
Professor Zhihong Chen
March 11, 2015
A new process for coating copper nanowires with graphene - an ultrathin layer of carbon – lowers resistance and heating, suggesting potential applications in computer chips and flexible displays.
Professor Gerhard Klimeck
March 6, 2015
A relentless global effort to shrink transistors has made computers continually faster, cheaper and smaller over the last 40 years. This effort has enabled chipmakers to double the number of transistors on a chip roughly every 18 months--a trend referred to as Moore's Law.
Professor Johnny Park
February 20, 2015
Spensa Technologies Inc., a precision agriculture company in Purdue Research Park led by Professor Johnny Park, has launched a new Web and mobile enabled application to help growers and consultants more efficiently scout insects, weeds and disease, identify agronomic issues and nutrient deficiencies.
Professor Babak Ziaie
February 10, 2015
Some bandages are embedded with medicine to treat wounds, but researchers at Purdue University, Harvard University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital have something much more sophisticated in mind for the future of chronic wound care.
Nanodiamond illustration
January 22, 2015
ECE researchers have demonstrated a new way to enhance the emission of single photons by using "hyperbolic metamaterials," a step toward creating devices in work aimed at developing quantum computers and communications technologies.
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