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NESEP plaque

NESEP Plaque on display in EE building

This site is dedicated to the men of the Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program (NESEP) who were assigned as students to Purdue University beginning in 1958. The NESEP program selected sailors and marines serving in our fleet and assigned them to Purdue to obtain a four-year engineering degree. Most of these men studied electrical engineering, were commissioned as naval officers, served their country, and following their service, led U.S. industry to the forefront in the fields of electronics and computing.

Here is a link to the Fall 2007 Reunion photos

Unknown Year

Joe Canales EE

Jack Cloud EE


Richard Bassman EE

David Carruthers EE

George Clarren EE

D. Paul Covill EE


James Edmiston EE


Robert Bevier

David Blake

Bruce Brady

Charles Bright

Al Butters

Bob Chancellor

Michael Christian

Charles Gross

Robert (Bob) Donath

Jim Harvey

Ulis (Dean) Hekel

Ron Hlavinka

Larry (Lauris)Holloway

Clifford Jamerson

Mike Jensen

Frank Kemmerer

Michael D. Kenny

Tom Lane

Barry Lerich

Gene Maloney

John Meierdierks

Bob Myschka

John Oehlenschlager

Eugene (Gene) Oxenrider

Matt Pohl

Bill Poole

Dennis Roberts

Clint Saddler

Fred Salzer

John Sanger

Robert (Bob) Schilling

Stephen Seyl

Tom Simpson

Ed Sipe

Russ Sirmans


Robert Birchfield EE

Lawrence Bucher EE


Floyd Barron EE

Lawrence Beers EE

Patrick Bellew EE

Robert Berg EE

James Bruun EE

Dennis Chaney EE

James Dawson EE

David Doss EE


Norman Baker EE

Donald Beckwith ME

Charles Brown EE

William Brown EE

R. Peter Cassidy EE

James Collins EE

Howard Crego ME

Conrad Dogil EE

Jerry Edwards EE


Howard Birch ME

James Blanchard EE

Jonathon Browning Science

Wilson Carmean EE

Kenneth Carroll EE

James Chambless EE

Thomas Chance EE

Allan Clark EE

James Daniels EE

Terry Douglas EE

James Dundas EE

George Duvall ME

Paul Sanger EE


Benjamin Bellrose EE

Dural Browning Science

William Bush ME

Thomas Butler Aero & Astro

William Carlson EE

Gary Caster Materials Engr

John Cavender Chem Engr

Larry Church EE

Richard Clark Science

William Coons EE


Ronald Alexander ME

Carl Beaudet Aero & Astro

Jay Bien Aero & Astro

Lonnie Brown EE

Terry Christiansen Aero & Astro

Enrico Conte EE

Arthur Ebright EE


William Allen EE

Gale Berry EE

Mark Carle Chem Engr

Lawrence Ceaglio EE

Peter Coste EE

Mark Davenport Chem Engr

Dennis Dean Aero & Astro

William Demain EE

Andrew Dillon EE

David Dreiling EE

Thomas Drummond EE

Daniel Duddy Science

Luis Erazo Science


James Anderson Science

William Ball Science

Charles Bassett III Science

Robert Brandhuber ME

Jerry Brown ME

Gary Bunevitch EE

Nicholas D'Acquisto ME

John Delorez EE

James Dixon ME

Lawrence Epley Aero & Astro

George Escola ME


Maurice Bain Science

Larry Beberdocl EE

Roger Bradley EE

Richard Brown EE

Leslie Burgess Science

W. Reid Cameron EE

Frank Clark Science

Frederick Clavelli EE

Walter Cole ME

Brian Debs Science

Clarence Dickason EE

Paul Edwards EE


Winfred Aker Science

David Armstrong EE

Daniel Arnold Science

Lyle Barngrover ME

Richard Blake EE

Frederick Blume Science

Trenholm Brownly Engr

Cromwell Campbell Science

Victor Chrjapin ME

David Clark Liberal Arts

Robert Cook EE

John Duffield Engr


William Adams ME

Randy Andrus Science

Henry Boyter III Science

Ronald Brown Science

David Brueck Science

Walter Corliss II Science

James DeStael Engr

Byron Dickey Engr


Richard Bass EE

Lindell Blair Engr

John Cole Engr

Henry Eger EE

James Eimes Engr


John Baird Engr

William Breden Science


Craig Baldwin Aero & Astro

John Bowen Engr

Phillip Boyer Engr

Daniel Burnfield Nuclear Engr

David Ceci ME

Edgar Cortes EE


Michael Ackerman ME

Roosevelt Braxton ME

Glenn Brunner ME

John Duff EE


Gerald DePasquale Nuclear Engr


James Byer Ind Engr & Chem Engr


Thomas Catalano Civil Engr