On My Mind

Welcome to the fall 2010 issue of ECE Impact magazine.

You will find that this issue is somewhat different from previous ones. We have decided to celebrate the lighter side of our school, its faculty members, alumni and students. Did you know that among our ranks, behind those lab coats and suits, our school is home to musicians, sports enthusiasts, even a magician? You will read about them here. In this issue we also celebrate the life and achievements of one of ECEs most accomplished professors, George Cooper, who blazed trails in the field long before cell phones or wireless mouses were even an idea.

Today, our school is at the forefront of research and discovery that will have a lasting impact on our country and the world. As head of this great school, I am humbled and honored by the opportunity to share with you my vision for our future, and what I hope to accomplish in my tenure here. I welcome your feedback and input as we move forward together.

V. Ragu Balakrishnan
Head of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering