Global Exchange

We live and work in an increasingly connected world. Margaret Spellings, the U.S. secretary of education, underscored academia’s disappearing borders prior to Inter-national Education Week 2006. “More than ever, success in the world depends on what you know, not where you live,” she said. “Technology has leveled the playing field and flattened the world. It has [shown] the value of math, science, and other subjects in high demand across the globe. And it has illustrated the importance of foreign languages in communicating and forming partnerships with citizens from other cultures and countries.”

Many professors travel overseas to teach, conduct research, or attend international conferences. Even from the vantage point of America’s classrooms and laboratories, they make contact with students from around the globe who come here to study. According to the Institute of International Education, the U.S. hosted more than half a million foreign students during the 2005-06 academic year. These students made Purdue the third top destination, affirming the university’s standing as a global learning leader. Our faculty plays a key role in the international exchange of ideas, and the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering prides itself on out team’s contributions. Here we spotlight some professors making a key global impact.