jim anderson

Jim Anderson

Retired Partner Emeritus
Foundation Capital
BSEE 1972

Jim Anderson co-founded Foundation Capital in 1995 with fellow ECE alumnus, Bill Elmore. He had previously co-founded Merrill, Pickard, Anderson and Eyre in 1980. As a venture capitalist, he specialized in communications, computer systems and software companies and served on the boards of companies such as 3Com and Bridge Communications. Prior to becoming a VC, Jim held engineering, marketing and management positions at Beckman Instruments and Hewlett Packard.
Jim later refocused his efforts on philanthropy and co-founded Legacy Venture in 1999. The venture continues today, even though Jim is no longer actively involved. Legacy works by allowing member investors to pool their philanthropic dollars and invest them via multiple venture capital funds the members would not be able to access on their own. In exchange, the members agree to donate their principal and any gains to the charity of their choice.
In addition to a BSEE from Purdue, Jim earned his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Jim received Purdue University’s Outstanding Electrical and Computer Engineer Award in 2002.