Academic Honesty Policy

Academic integrity is one of the highest values that Purdue University holds.  Individuals are encouraged to alert University officials to potential breaches of this value by either emailing or by calling 765-494-8778.  While information may be submitted anonymously, the more information that is submitted provides the greatest opportunity for the University to investigate the concern.


he ECE faculty expects every member of the Purdue community to practice honorable and ethical behavior both inside and outside the classroom. Any actions that might unfairly improve a student’s score (or hurt another student’s score) on homework, quizzes, or examinations will be considered cheating and will not be tolerated – any infraction will result in a grade of ‘U’ (Unsatisfactory) for the course and be reported to the ECE Associate Head for Instruction as well as the Office of the Dean of Students for possible disciplinary action. For ECE 20000, examples of cheating include (but are not limited to falsifying attendance and/or representing someone else’s work as your own for class assignments and make-up assignments