ECE 59500 - Power Systems Distribution Analysis


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Lecture Hours: 3 Credits: 3

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Normally Offered:

Spring - even years


On-campus and online


ECE 31032; ECE 43200 (recommended)

Requisites by Topic:

Introduction to power systems

Catalog Description:

This course covers the fundamentals of electric power distribution systems. With increased deployment of distributed generation, controllable loads and metering devices, it has become more and more important for researchers and power industry professionals to better understand power distribution systems. This course commences with an overview of distribution networks, including their components, typical topologies, and operational strategies. The course continues with the characteristics and representations of electric loads. Key components in distribution grids, including unbalanced line segments, voltage regulators, and three-phase transformers will be studied. These topics will be further integrated into the power flow analysis for unbalanced distribution networks. Special topics including load control, optimal power flow, microgrids, along with the integration of renewables, electric vehicles, smart inverters, and distributed generation will be discussed.

Required Text(s):

  1. Distribution System Modeling and Analysis with MATLAB and WindMil , 5th Edition , Kersting, William H.; Kerestes, Robert , CRC Press , 2022 , ISBN No. 1498772137

Recommended Text(s):

  1. Electric Power Distribution Engineering , 3rd Edition , Gonen, T. , CRC Press , 2014 , ISBN No. 1482207001

Lecture Outline:

Week Major Topics
1 Introduction to power distribution systems [Chapter 1]
2 Load allocation on a feeder [Chapter 2]
3 Approximate feeder analysis [Chapter 3]
4 Series impedance of distribution lines [Chapter 4]
5 Shunt admittance of distribution lines [Chapter 5]; and Full line models [Chapter 6]
6 Load models [Chapter 9]
7-8 Voltage regulation [Chapter 7]
9 Three-phase transformers [Chapter 8]
10 Distribution feeder analysis [Chapter 10]
11 Exact and approximate analysis for single-phase and multi-phase grids [papers]
12 Modeling new grid devices [papers]; and Introduction to GridLab-D
13 Grid optimization under uncertainty [papers]; and Mixed-integer programs in grid operation [papers]
14 Center-tapped transformers and secondaries [Chapter 11]

Assessment Method:

Homework, projects, exams (11/2023)