ECE 69500 - Ideas to Innovation III

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Lecture Hours: 3 Credits: 3

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Normally Offered:

Summer, Fall


On-campus only


Ideas to Innovation I and Ideas to Innovation II

Requisites by Topic:

Graduate standing in ECE and enrollment in the ECE project-track MSECE

Catalog Description:

This course is the third semester of the 3 semester long Ideas to Innovation MS project course. In this sequence of courses (Parts 1-3), students will i) conduct a multi-semester team project, focused on a design or an advanced modeling/simulation effort, ii) learn professional skills required for effective project definition, management and communication and iii) start learning business and corporate skills relevant for entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. In contrast to senior-level ECE design courses, the MS project will incorporate emerging technologies and will be motivated by a systems-level focus. Throughout the sequence, the project definition, design and report phases will serve as the vehicles for developing communication, project management and other professional skills. Part 3 will focus on outward-facing documentation for the project, including a refined user story/use case, technical documentation and marketing/pitch materials. Students are expected to be concurrently participating in the Ignite program, which provides in-depth coverage of customer discovery, market landscape and revenue models. In the I2I course, these topics will be leveraged and students will have the opportunity to apply the basic approaches in various assignments.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Create outward-facing documentation for the project, including a refined user story/use case, technical documentation, and marketing/pitch materials.
  • Investigate patent claims related to the project.
  • Develop appropriate technical and non-technical documentation of an engineering design and prototype.
  • Generate and present design reviews and demonstrations.
  • Participate in, and manage aspects of, a project team.

Assessment Method:

Class participation, deliverables related to project