ECE 20200 - Linear Circuit Analysis II - Honors

Lecture Hours: 3 Credits: 3

Counts as:
EE Core

Experimental Course Offered: Spring 2010, 2011, Spring 2012

(ECE20100H) and MA 26200 or 26600 [may be taken concurrently].

Requisites by Topic:
Elementary fields analysis, circuit analysis, and semiconductor devices and Differential Equations.

Catalog Description:
Continuation of 20100 H. Use of Fourier and Laplace Transforms to analyze linear systems, including 2nd order circuits, with and without initial conditions. Determination of frequency response of linear systems. Characterization of circuits based upon impedance and admittance. Low and high pass filter design.

Required Text(s):
  1. Linear Circuit Analysis: Time Domain, Phasor, and Laplace Transform Approaches, 2nd Edition, R. DeCarlo and P. M. Lin, Oxford University Press, 2008, ISBN No. 978-1-60250-198-0..
Recommended Text(s):
  1. Class Notes, T. Talavage.

Learning Outcomes:

A student who successfully fulfills the course requirements will have demonstrated:
  1. ability to compute responses of linear circuits using numerical and convolution techniques.. [a,e,k]
  2. ability to compute responses of linear systems using Fourier transform techniques . [a,e,k]
  3. an ability to compute responses of linear systems with and without initial conditions via one-sided Laplace transform techniques.. [e,k]
  4. an ability to compute impedances and admittances of one and two-port circuits.. [a,e,k]
  5. an ability to analyze and design basic filters in the frequency domain.. [a,e,k]

Lecture Outline:

Lectures Major Topics
1 Looking back at ECE 201
2 Basics of Riemann Integration
3-4 Basics of Numerical Integration
5 Delta Function
6-7 Linearity and Time-Invariance
8-11 Convolution
12-14 Fourier Transform + Transfer Function
15-16 Convolution in Time/Frequency Domain
17 Limitations of the Fourier Transform
18-20 Laplace Transform
21-23 Application of Transforms to Linear Systems
24-29 2nd Order Passive Circuits
30-31 Impedance/Admittance of Multi-Ports
32-36 Frequency Response (H(jw)), Frequency and Magnitude Scaling, Steady-State Analysis
37-41 Filtering

Engineering Design Content: