ECE 52600 - Fundamental of BioMEMS and Micro-Integrated Systems

Lecture Hours: 3 Credits: 3

Counts as:
CMPE Special Content Elective
EE Elective

Normally Offered: Each Fall

Catalog Description:
Key topics in biomedical micro-electro-mechanical systems (Bio-MEMS) and micro-integrated systems are covered. Biological concepts related to the BioMEMS are reviewed. Silicon process modules and soft-lithography processes used in the design and fabrication of BioMEMS and micro-integrated systems are presented. Applications of these systems in a variety of sensors and transducers are described. Recent advances in BioMEMS, Lab-on-a-Chip, and related advanced topics are discussed.

Required Text(s):
  1. Micromachined Transducers Sourcebook, G. Kovacs, McGraw Hill, 1998, ISBN No. 0-07-290722-3.
Recommended Text(s):
  1. Introduction to Microelectronic Fabrication, Volume V in the Modular Series on Solid State Devices, R. C. Jaeger, Prentice-Hall, 2002.
  2. Microsensors, R.S. Muller, R.T. Howe, S.D. Senturia, R.L. Smith and R.M. White, IEEE Press, 1991.
  3. Microsystem Design, S. Senturia, Kluwer Academic Press, 2000.
  4. Silicon Micromachining, Elwenspoek and Jensen, Cambridge University Press, 1999.
  5. The Science and Engineering of Microelectronic Fabrication, S.A. Campbell, Oxford University Press, 1996.

Learning Outcomes:

A student who successfully fulfills the course requirements will have demonstrated:
  1. an ability to apply interdisciplinary principles from chemistry and biology, materials and mechanics, and micro-nano-fabrication to Bio-MEMS. [1,4]
  2. a basic knowledge of BioMEMS processing steps and processing modules. [4]
  3. an understanding of basic design and operation of BioMEMS sensors and transducers, and Biochips. [2]

Lecture Outline:

Lectures Major Topics
2 Introduction to MEMS/BioMEMS/BioSensors
5 Device Fabrication (Silicon Processing Including Lithography, Etching, Deposition, Bonding; Soft Lithography and Other Topics)
3 Biology/Chemistry Fundamentals (Cells, DNA, Proteins)
2 Microfluidics
6 BioMEMS and Detection Methods
2 Microarrays
5 Lab-on-a-chip Device
3 Presentations/Advanced Topics

Engineering Design Content:

Establishment of Objectives and Criteria

Engineering Design Consideration(s):