ECE 31100 - Electric and Magnetic Fields (Now runs as ECE 30411)

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Lecture Hours: 3 Credits: 3

Counts as:

  • EE Core

Normally Offered:

Each Fall, Spring


(ECE 20001 Minimum Grade of C or ECE 20100 Minimum Grade of C) and (PHYS 27200 or PHYS 24100 or PHYS 25100 or PHYS 26100) and (MA 26200 or MA 26600 or MA 36600)

Catalog Description:

Continued study of vector calculus, electrostatics, magnetostatics, and Maxwell's Equations. Introduction to electromagnetic waves, transmission lines, and radiation from antennas.

Required Text(s):

  1. Elements of Electromagnetics , 5th Edition , Mattew N. O. Sadiku , Oxford University Press , 2009 , ISBN No. 9780195387759
  2. Schaum's Outline of Electromagnetics , 3rd Edition , Joseph A. Edminister , McGraw-Hill, Inc. , 2010 , ISBN No. 9780071632355

Recommended Text(s):


Learning Outcomes:

A student who successfully fulfills the course requirements will have demonstrated:
  1. an ability to work with electrostatic fields and to be able to find electric and potential fields from charge distributions including the presence of dielectric materials. [1]
  2. an ability to work with magnetostatic fields and to be able to find magnetic fields from current distributions including the presence of magnetic materials. [1]
  3. an ability to work with time varying fields including wave propagation. [1]
  4. an ability to work with transmission lines in the time and frequency domains. [1]

Lecture Outline:

Lectures Topic
4 Introduction: Charge; Electric and Magnetic Fields; Units; Vector Analysis; Coordinate Systems; Line, Surface and Volume Integrals; Derivatives
12 Electro Statics: Static Electric Fields; Gauss' Law; Coulomb's Law; Superposition; Applications of Gauss' Law (Continuous Distributions of Charge); Electric Potential; Conductors; Dielectrics; Displacement Field; Boundary Conditions; Capacitance; Electrostatic Energy; Force; Poisson's Equation; Laplace's Equation; Method of Images; Electric Currents; Continuity Equation
7 Magneto Statics: Static Magnetic Fields; Lorentz Force; and Ampere's Law; Vector Magnetic Potential; Biot-Savart Law; Magnetic Dipole; Magnetization; Magnetic Circuits & Magnetic Materials; Boundary Conditions; Inductance; Magnetostatic Energy; Torque
7 Time Dependent Fields: Faraday's Law; Transformers; Generators; Maxwell's Equations; Potential Functions and Boundary Conditions for Time Varying Fields; Wave Equation; Time Harmonic Fields
6 Uniform Plan Waves: Uniform Plane Wave (UPW); TEM Waves; Polarization; UPW in Lossy Media; Power flow; UPW Normal Incidence on Plane Boundary
5 Transmission Lines: Intro Using Parallel-Plate Transmission Line; General Transmission Line Properties; Finite Length Transmission Lines; Transient Behavior; Pulses
3 Exams

Assessment Method: