ECE 62000 - Introduction to Biomedical Imaging Systems

Lecture Hours: 3 Credits: 3

Areas of Specialization(s):

Communications, Networking, Signal & Image Processing

Counts as:

Normally Offered: Spring - even years

Catalog Description:
Overview of biomedical imaging systems and analysis. Examination of various imaging modalities, including X-ray, ultrasound, nuclear, and MRI. Microscopy including how images are formed and what types of information they provide. Image analysis techniques, including analysis of cardiac ultrasound, mammography, and MRI functional imagery.

Course Objectives:
This course introduces students to the foundations of medical imaging.

Required Text(s):
  1. Foundations of Medical Imaging, Z. H. Cho, J. P. Jones, and M. Singh, Wiley, 1993.

Recommended Text(s): None.

Lecture Outline:

Lectures Lecture Topics
2 historical Perspective and Overview<br>
8 X-ray Imaging<br>
6 Computed Imaging<br>
6 Ultrasound
3 Microscopy<br>
10 Analysis, Functional Imaging, Multimodality Fusion, Enhancement, Object Recognition<br>
3 Exams<br>