ECE 20700 - Electronic Measurement Techniques

Course Details

Lab Hours: 3 Credits: 1

Counts as:

  • CMPE Core
  • EE Core

Normally Offered:

Each Fall, Spring, Summer


ECE 20100 [may be taken concurrently]

Catalog Description:

Experimental exercises in use of laboratory instruments. Voltage, current, impedance, frequency and waveform measurements. Frequency and transient response. Elements of circuit modeling and design.

Required Text(s):

  1. A lab manual will be provided for students

Recommended Text(s):


Learning Outcomes:

A student who successfully fulfills the course requirements will have demonstrated:
  1. an ability to competently operate basic laboratory equipment. [None]
  2. an ability to make voltage, current, impedance, transient, and frequency response measurements. [1]
  3. an ability to layout, wire and troubleshoot electronic circuits. [1]
  4. an ability to design operational amplifier circuits from a set of specifications. [1,2,6]
  5. an ability to keep a laboratory notebook and prepare a formal laboratory report. [3]

Lab Outline:

Week Experiment Title or Activity
1 Course overview; Intro to Oscilloscope, Ohmeter, Voltmeter
2 Simple Op-Amp Circuit; Oscilloscope I
3 Op-Amp Equations; Current Measurement
4 Follower Circuit
5 Summing Amplifier
6 Integrator
7 Linear Scale Ohmmeter
8 Scope II: triggering, x-y mode
9 Lab practical exam
10 Lab practical exam - Formal Technical Report due
11 Step response and time constant measurement
12 AC bridge circuit
13 Frequency response measurements
14 Filter design
15 Lab practical exam

Assessment Method: