ECE 495W - The Wireless Revolution

Lecture Hours: 1 Credits: 1

Counts as:

Experimental Course Offered: Spring 2004, Fall 2004

Catalog Description:
This is an interdisciplinary course addressing technological, as well as some regulatory, economic and social issues arising in the rapidly developing field of wireless communications. This course is intended to introduce students to a major technological revolution that will shape society and business in the years to come. This course is directed primarily at students in their junior through senior years, with interest in fields such as engineering, science, technology, economics, public policy, and similar quantitative disciplines.

Required Text(s): None.

Recommended Text(s):
  1. A Social History of Technology, R. S. Cowan.
  2. Anytime, Anywhere: Entrepreneurship & the Creation of the Wire, L. Galambos and E. J. Abrahamson.
  3. Personal and Wireless Communications, K. I. Park.
  4. Telecommunication Policy for the Information Age, G. W. Brock.
  5. The Communications Miracle: The Telecommunications Pioneers, J. Bray.
  6. Wireless: The Revolution in Personal Telecommunications, I. Brodsky.

Learning Outcomes:

A student who successfully fulfills the course requirements will have demonstrated:
  1. an understanding of wireless communications, systems and applications with an emphasis on evolution and impact on society. [a,c,h,k]

Lecture Outline:

Week(s) Topics
1 Introduction
4 Wireless Technology (digital transmission, access techniques, networking, applications)
1 Past, Present, and Future of Wireless
1 Midterm Exam
1 Economic/business aspects of wireless. Wireless standards.
2 Networking and Security
4 Application of wireless (ultrawideband, global positioning system, telematics, etc.)

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